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Again Project

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Again Project

There are 3 Parts of the Again Project

Again Coin

Financial System


Again Coin

Again coin is essentially a utility token that can be used to make purchases. Each time a user makes a purchase with Again coin, they receive 5% of Tokens back in their account.

This essentially means that wherever the Again Coin is accepted as a form of payment, you will receive a 5% discount on all your purchases.

Again Coin’s Financial System

Again Coin’s Financial System is - A Wallet, An Exchange and A payment Processor of Again Coin.


On, we've created a wallet where users can store their Again tokens and also receive their rewards. This is the official wallet for Again Tokens, where you can store Again Coin and 7 different Cryptocurrencies.(Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Bitcoin Cash, DaiCoin, USDCoin, DogeCoin)


Again Coin has its own exchange. Where users can deposit a variety of supported cryptocurrencies in exchange for Again Tokens and also trade Again coin for a variety of supported cryptocurrencies.

Payment Getway

We've integrated a payment processor and payment gateway into Again’s Financial system to enable individuals and businesses to accept and receive payments.


Projects are businesses where Again coin is accepted as a Primary or one of the payment methods.

There are 2 Type of Projects

1. Core Projects

Core Projects are those that will be developed by the Again Coin team.Our Team has established Projects that will begin accepting Again Tokens immediately upon the Token's launch.

2. Partner Projects

Acceptors Projects are those that are owned by third parties but accept Again Coins as a primary or secondary payment method.

Our Team Leaders

Chetan Varma


Sumit Thakur

Chief Marketing Officer

Corneliu Capusan

Project Manager

Andrei Pintilie

Chief Technology Officer

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We all are aware of that we receive a 5% Reward whenever we shop using Again Coin. But How does one receive a 5% Reward when shopping with Again Coin?

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The blog is all about how any person can buy Again coin in very simple steps. There are 5 simple steps that are helpful for buyers to buy Again coin.

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Again Coin Tackles all these problems in the Best Possible If you transfer money in again coins using our financial system then your will have

Projects Accepting Again Coin

This is a list of projects that are accepting Again Coin. You can spend Again coins in any of the following projects. This list will continue to grow as time passes. Each month, we will continue to grow our ecosystem by adding new projects.

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